The way to the NeoTecMaster® - Multicontroller and control system

The Heyl Group has been internationally known for decades for controls for softening and reverse osmosis plants.

The requirements for water treatment are increasing worldwide, so that, for example, the need for a cooling tower control of the market arose and "looking to Asia," says the managing director of the Heyl sales company, "it was clear to me at least since 2014 that our controls must be suitable for a multiple application."

After many attempts to obtain the appropriate product solutions at a market price from control manufacturers, this hope of obtaining the right product from control suppliers was abandoned in 2020.

Managing Director Osterwald incredulous, "There were no suppliers that met all the elemental specifications, so every solution was unsatisfactory." 

Elements that received special attention were: Price attractiveness, openness to communication, open to manufacturers, modular design and suitable for at least eight parameters simultaneously. 

"I wanted to have the egg laying sow now after years of frustration!" said CEO Osterwald with a smile. The decision was made to develop in-house.

A suitable hardware partner was found in the Sabo company, so that development began in-house in 2021 and was successfully completed in the same year.

The result is impressive. Today there is a product from a single source for all applications in water technology. Our concept and system have strong advantages over other products - all requirements are met and the concept is expandable to 20 parameters and more.

The NeoTecMaster® Multicontroller concept is a basic building block for every water treatment plant.

What distinguishes our NeoTecMaster® Multicontroller in summary?

Technical Highlights

  • Available as 4 or 8 channel system
  • Modular concept for signal inputs (Modbus-RTU, 4-20 mA or RS232)
  • Software architecture for integration of Testomat EVO, Testomat 2000, Testomat LAB, Testomat 808, Testomat 808 SiO2 and Neomeris Select already available
  • Ethernet interface for network integration
  • Visualization of status messages and measured values via web interface

Multicontroller Interface

Exemplary connection of different online analysis devices and sensors via different interfaces:

Multicontroller Beispiel

The following secondary objectives had a lasting influence on the development:

  • Mapping of simple control and regulation processes (desalination, dosing such as pH stabilization, chlorine or polymer dosing).
  • Qualitative control of softening plants when using Testomat LAB TH
  • Inversion of 4-20 mA signals